“Aatagadarasiva” Set to Release on july 14th

The tale of a hangman and fugitive ‘Aatagadaraa Shiva’ produced by Rockline Venkatesh under the banner of Rockline Entertainments with Uday Shankar in the lead role is all set to release on July 14. Earlier, he produced films like ‘Power,’ ‘Linga,’ and ‘Bajrangi Baijaan.’ The film will be helmed by tasteful director Chandra Siddharth, who  carved a niche for himself with realistic films like ‘Aaa Naluguru’ and ‘Madhumasam’.  

Speaking to the media in Hyderabad on Wednesday, debutant Uday Shankar said, “It is the story of a convict who escapes from the gallows and accidentally meets the broker who wants him to be sentenced to death and they travel together without knowing their identities. The story revolves around the experiences that they face together. 

Talking about the film, director Chandra Siddharth  said that the story revolves around how a convict, who was sentenced to death, escapes from prison and the experiences that he undergoes thereafter. The film is about fate and destiny and is based on the dictum, “Without Lord Shiva’s will, even an ant cannot move and the entire world is a stage and God’s playground,” he added.