Detention system in Graduation :Telangana State higher Eduacation


The Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE) decided to detain the under graduate(degree)students in the same year if they did not clear 50 per cent of the subjects prescribed for an academic year.

The new rule will be in force from the current academic year. As part of the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) introduced last year, the students have to clear at least 50 per cent of the subjects prescribed for a semester. As part of the CBCS, a student having 75 per cent attendance in the first semester is promoted to the second semester.

The same method is followed for all semesters. For a student to write the fourth semester exams, the student should pass 50 per cent of the subjects in the first three semesters.The system good as it spurs students’ interest in academics apart from improving attendance and also detention system serves as a good foundation and implementation of the system would improve their interest in academics.