Drought Threat in telangana..lakhs of acres facing water deficit

drought threat in telangana

Lakhs of acers facing water deficit in telangana .major irrigation projects in telangana threatend by drougt due to lack of water.nearly 28-30 lakhs of acers are facing water lackage. in this matter governamet of telangana not in position to supply water for these crops.alla the catch ment area reservoirs are displying low level.after entering the mansoon season major dams and reservoirs are not filled by fresh water due to no rains.

Krishna and Godavari basins are facing a huge deficit of 534 Tmcft over last year, putting the fate of crops sown on lakhs of acres in jeopardy.

The state has a total crop-sown area of 1.08 crore acres. The irrigation facility is available for about 35 lakh acres.

Due to drought conditions and meagre water levels, around 28 per cent of crops sown in catchment areas of projects may dry up. The worst-affected crops are paddy, maize and cotton.

According to the latest data

Total storage capacity of 681 tmc ft in Srisailam, Nagarjuna-sagar, SRSP, Jurala, Nizam-sagar, Ellampally and Singur projects, there is a deficit of 534 tmc ft. Projects in the Krishna basin alone are facing a deficit of 395 tmcft.

Nagarjunasagar project, the catchment area is 6.60 lakh acres and to irrigate this land, the project should receive inflows of 85 tmc ft.

The catchment area under SRSP is 9.68 lakh acres. To irrigate this, it requires up to 50 tmcft of water, but the project at present has only 10 tmcft.

Nizamagar project, the catchment area is 2.31 lakh acres. But the project currently has only 1 tmcft.

There has been no heavy rain in July. There are no inflows from upstream states. All the projects are witnessing water levels that are worse than the previous year.