did you know it? old woman licks people’s eyeballs..

A woman in Bosnia offers a bizarre service as she cleans people’s eyeballs, and her shocking method is what’s making news. The 80-year-old named Hava Celebic aka Nana Hava cleans eyeballs using her tongue, and while it may sound gross, she has already cured 5000 people.

eye cleaning

But what would you do to clean something as delicate as eyeballs? Everyone wants to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in every single part of the body and people use different methods to clean different parts.

eye ball treatment

She offers the treatment for close to Rs 800 and claims that she alone possesses this unique ability to heal with her tongue. She says she has used it to remove pieces of iron, lead, coal and even glass from eyes of her patients and she uses alcohol to sterilise her tongue.