make your self :eco-friendly menstrual pads

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Here are the simple steps to make eco-friendly menstrual pads

1. To make the outer body of the pad, you need to trace the disposable pad on the flannel cloth and cut out two pieces.

2. Make sure you add more length to the wings in the flannel since the commercial pads are meant to be stuck on your underwear while the wings on these overlap each other through fastenings.

3. Next is what goes inside the pad. Take an old towel that is still usable and cut out some rectangular shapes with curved edges.

4. These need to an inch shorter than the flannel cutouts. Place the towel liner centred between these. You can place more than one based upon your preference.

5. You can keep the layers in place using a pin or more in case you’re worried about the shifting.

6. Now starts the stitching work. You can either hand sew the pads or use a sewing machine. Either way, stitch two channels in the centre to fasten the towel to both the flannel pieces.