O paneer selvam deputy C.M ?..tamil nadu politics new turn


Tamil nadu former chief minister and rebal leader in AAIDMK o panner selvam will made deputychief minister of tamil nadu . C.M palani  yesterday  stated that both the factions would mergesoon.

The Palanisamy faction of the AIADMK also looks set to sack VK Sasikala as general secretary of the party. summoned all senior ministers and office-bearers on Monday for discussions.

At the meeting, the office-bearers will in all probability pass a resolution announcing Sasikala’s sacking from the post of General Secretary and her expulsion from the AIADMK

Sources said if the announcement of Sasikala’s sacking from the party is made then the merger would take place almost immediately since it is a major demand of former chief minister O Panneerselvam.His other major demand for instituting an inquiry into J Jayalalithaa’s death was met by Palanisamy last Thursday,

Leaders like V Maitreyan, KP Munusamy and Manoj Pandian had told Panneerselvam that he should not agree for a merger unless Sasikala is removed from her post and the party.