Rs 200 note will fill missing middle


Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced the rollout of Rs 200 notes,central bank has stopped the printing of Rs 2,000 notes.RBI had recently announced the introduction of 200 rupees notes in an effort to ease the shortage of smaller denomination notes. RBI officials have sped up the process of printing Rs 200 notes, which are expected to hit the banking system next month. “About 3.7 billion Rs 2,000 notes, amounting to Rs 7.4 lakh crore, have been printed,eight months after demonetisation, there was a drop in the circulation of Rs 2,000 notes. Moreover, it said that the supply of Rs 2,000 notes from the RBI had also been declining.SBI had also implied that although there was a demand for smaller denomination currencies, there was discrepancy in the banking system due to the presence of Rs 2,000 notes straight after Rs 500 notes. SBI had said the introduction of Rs 200 notes would full fill.